Mar 21, 2012

[Metro] WTF Is Up With McDo?

For the most part, I think it's safe to say that I grew up with McDonald's, like many other kids my age. It had always been a bit of a treat for us in the family and admittedly it was a cheap source of decent enough food - the true model of the fast food empire.

A McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich
A McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But over the years, prices have continued to go up while the quality of the products have diminished. Have you seen the size of a Filet-O-Fish sandwich? How does something that tiny compare in terms of monetary value to the also-shrinking McChicken? I suppose you could argue that at least the Quater Pounder should have a consistent amount of meat involved, but the burger alone now costs over P100. The Big Mac is a joke, the Cheeseburgers are now way overpriced and the Burger McDo just confuses me to no end.

I think the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the relatively recent revamp of their breakfast menu to include the use of the supposedly better English muffins that just translated into something that was smaller, dryer and at times chalky. And the McDonald's breakfast was the only part of their menu that I absolutely loved without fail - McMuffins hold a special place in my heart! But now they're broke too and I don't see the point any more.

A McDonald's McChicken sandwich.
A McDonald's McChicken sandwich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So now it's a lot easier to opt to go with better-tasting meal options at Jollibee or the ultimate burger experience for me which remains to be Burger King. Hell, I enjoy the food at Tropical Hut a heck of a lot more than McDonald's now! I'm not expecting some fine dining experience the few times we opt to indulge in some fast food - something that thankfully we're doing a lot less these days. But I am expecting good value for my money and these days it seems like all they can do is increase the prices of their products and continue to find ways to cut costs, cheapen their products and generally change the entire McDonald's experience.

So goodbye and good riddance McDonald's. I'm definitely not going to patronize your business any more. And that's despite the fact that I work at night in  a call center that just so happens to have a McDonald's branch attached to it. And you all know just how hard it is to find food in the wee hours of the night.

Besides, Jollibee Delivery takes my credit card, hehe.
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