Nov 16, 2011

[Personal] Capturing Jason Mraz

Last October 30, my partner Tobie and I managed to have what felt like a one-in-a-lifetime experience to catch Jason Mraz live in concert here in the Philippines. We totally weren't expecting such a stellar concert so soon after the other life-changing experience that was catching Kylie Minogue live just a few months prior. But then this year has felt absolutely surreal at times, so I've learned to stop questioning and just accept how awesome things are.

And as much as I enjoyed just being there in the stadium with all the other fans celebrating Jason Mraz's music, I also wanted to make sure that I semi-documented the night to help mark this amazing event and spread the love along. I'm a tad obsessive in that regard I support given the effort I put into trying to capture these moments so that my partner and I can look back at everything and fondly remember the night.

And this where things get geeky.

Beyond sharing my "documentation" from the night, I also wanted to take time to really give praises to my camera, which is a Panasonic Lumix ZS7 . I had picked up this compact megazoom last year as a birthday treat for myself and I've been quite the happy camper ever since. It takes pretty amazing pictures despite its small size and it helps geeks like me get to document major events where DLSRs are normally forbidden for whatever ridiculous reasons.

To appreciate things a bit, here's a photo with minimal zoom to present the view from our Upper Box A seats at the Smart Araneta Coliseum:

And here's a sample of the sort of shorts we managed at maximum zoom:

Not bad, right? And while not the clearest photo possible, but  a decent shot nonetheless despite the low lighting conditions and the fact that Jason Mraz tends to move around a lot.

But what really surprised me was how well the videos turned out. And rather than talk about them, I'll just show them to you:

Live High


You And I Both / The Remedy Medley

I'm Yours

So yeah, I think you understand now why I needed to take some time to praise my camera. It REALLY helped me capture a lot of amazing moments from this concert that I'll forever cherish with my partner. The quality of the video surprised even me and I'm glad that the camera makes switching between photo and video modes such a seamless one-click process.

So thanks so much for coming to Manila, Jason! And my thanks to Panasonic for coming up with such a stellar camera.

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  1. Me, Chinky, Juna and Acee where in Cubao that day.
    Hagas at wagas ang trapik!

  2. Hindi ko s'ya kilala :( Puro boybands lang kasi alam ko :)

  3. Not too late to experience his music. =)