Apr 17, 2011

[Technicolor Musings] This or That Questions

While this is mainly a reviews blog, I still try to keep things relatively personal by inserting little anecdotes about my life, make mentions of my partner, Tobie Abad or even occasionally link to my personal blog, I have to acknowledge how I don't really talk about myself at length. Sure, I had that post about relationship tips that I live by, which featured a lot of stories about me and Tobie and a lot of our photos as well. But that's not quite really talking about myself, now is it?

rOckY and Tobie

And while I like to keep my personal life musings over on LiveJournal, I still want to make sure that the Geeky Guide still has a lot of "me" in it, to keep things personal and relevant. After all, that's one of the main things that makes this blog distinct in its own right. What is the Geeky Guide without its Geek after all?

So I thought it might be fun to try and conduct a little party game style Q&A today for our Technicolor Musings discussion for today. It's a chance to get to know a bit more about me not just in terms of my geekiness, but more around my queer side. I remain and our and proud gay geek for sure, although I'll admit that I'll always be more geek that gay.


Boxers or Briefs?
Ah yes, this ever classic question. It's the one that we can't totally avoid since it comes up in some party of online chat sooner or later. And it seems like a nice place to start for this particular Technicolor Musings post.

Flickr: vizeauswim = Vizeau underwear Paolo men's box-cut briefs
Vizeau underwear Paolo men's box-cut briefs
by Vizeau via Flickr.

While this may seem like an unfair answer, but I feel that nothing beats boxer briefs, which admittedly seems like the middle ground in this underwear question. Why do I like them? Well, but in terms of personal experience and just from how they look, I feel they're a heck of a lot sexier than most. They nicely outline both a guy's family jewels and his butt more than any skimpy bikini-style affair can manage. They provide most of the same support that briefs do, which is always a good thing. And underwear designers these days are getting nicely creative with what they can do with that much cloth as a canvass, hehe.

If it had to be either-or, then I'd still lead more towards the brief's side of the fence. Boxers just seem to result in too much cloth getting all clumped up in a guys pants when worn together. And personally, I don't like the lack of support since it usually means a lot of weird, inconvenient "personal adjusting" whenever you're in public. Ugh.

Twinks or Bears
Okay, this may not be THAT typical a questions, but it's a generally acceptable dichotomy for now. For the unaware, twinks are generally your skinnier, younger-looking guys who may or may not be muscular. And of course bears are the stockier, hairier guys who can smother you with their chest hair, if that's your thing.

Flickr: fusion68k - Bologna Pride 2008
Bologna Pride 2008
by Samuel Cavadini / fusion68k via Flickr.

Well, I have to admit I lean more towards the twinky side of the equation this time around. While I can respect a dusting of hair on a guy, I'll still prefer someone who's leaner (but nicely defined) as opposed to someone who can bench press 300 pounds or something. My partner teases me about twinky guys all the time, hence my love for the likes of Matthew Goode and yes, even Zac Efron. Boo me.

But it's just a preference and not a hard and fast rule after all. It's not like what we find to be attractive can be perfectly defined in a single physical archetype after all.

Homegrown or Imported?
Let's be honest - sooner or later we all talk about whether or not we'd actually want to do it with a foreigner. Maybe it's as shallow as some lingering colonial mentality hardwired into our systems. Maybe it's more because of the fact that majority of our porn comes from across the ocean. Whatever the reason, it's something to think about in terms of what you really want to do.

Flickr: CharlesFred - Bangkok Pride - Pool hunk
Bangkok Pride - Pool hunk
by Charles Roffey / CharlesFred via Flickr.

While I'm not overly particular, I have to admit I have a general preference for fellow Filipinos, or at the very least fellow Asians. While I won't say that I don't enjoy US-based and European male models and pornographic content, I can't imagine myself actually getting involved with one such person in real life. Maybe I've watched too many Michael Moore movies or maybe I fear their infamous "size" as compared to Asian men, but it just seems to weird to me.

And this goes for all non-Asians, including those of African origins. So no, I'm not being solely "biased" against Caucasians, haha. Of course should an interesting possibility present itself to my partner and I, well, it'll certainly require significant discussion before anything like that gets off the ground, as it were.

Top or Bottom?
Of course this question is bound to come up, and I'm going to squirrel around it for now, hehe. While I've been on both sides of this particular fence, I do prefer one side more than the other. Versatility is still always on the table should the situation be right, but I know were I stand in this matter.

Care to take a guess which one? LOL

How about you guys? What questions do you commonly ask amongst your queer circles? And I'm talking about a lot more than just the usual "so when did you last have sex?" question meant to break the ice with new friends and the like. Feel free to ask away in the comments or check out my Contact page for how to get in touch with me directly.
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