Sep 2, 2009

[Videos] Halo 3 - Landfall

Locally, people are pretty much all raving about District 9 this week after its opening weekend (albeit, a few weeks later than other parts of the world). That's a pretty good thing since District 9 is a pretty awesome movie and one that I've found to be remarkably refreshing in its creativity given all the other sequels, prequels, remakes and re-imaginations dominating the rest of the movie world.

While District 9's director Neill Blomkamp is now being celebrated like any other great director, one has to remember that his earlier claim to fame was being attached to the possible Halo movie project because of a series of short films he made set in the Halo universe.

If you haven't seen it yet, then you're missing a lot for sure and it's the kind of video that will make you wish that the project was still a go. So for your viewing pleasure, may I present Neill Blomkamp's "Landfall":

Halo 3 | Landfall (Live Action) HD

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