Sep 1, 2009

[Comics] Disney to Acquire Marvel Comics

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Well this has been an interesting day.

The big news that's been raging across cyberspace today has been pretty much about the announcement that Disney plans on acquiring Marvel Comics for the cool some of $4 billion. Wow. Talk about overpricing there but that's estimated to be about 40 times its projected earnings for the year.

Naturally a lot of jokes have started about the possible mash-ups and combinations of the two studios but then let's get real for a moment. We know that when Disney acquired Pixar, it was essentially an admission that Pixar was better at creating new characters and Disney needed that talent. Think of it as buying out the outsourcing group who's been helping you generate all your revenue.

If Disney plays smart, they'll continue to all Marvel creative control of its works and thus continue their development on their path and probably focus more on acquiring the movie rights to all their films. Disney has been obviously focusing on the teen / young adult market more and more over the years with releases like High School Musical all the way to the Pirates of the Carribbean franchise. But they haven't had a major success since then and acquiring the Marvel Comics properties will potentially give them a wonderful resource for more creative output.

Of course one can only wait and see how this deal will actually go when the specifics are released and we start seeing the effects. Personally, I have yet to form a strong opinion about this right now. I'm keeping to a wait-and-see attitude until things become clearer in the weeks to come.

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