Jan 19, 2009

[TV] Where's My SciFi Channel?

SciFi channel.Image via WikipediaBeing a science fiction geek living in the Philippines, it frustrates me to no end that we don't have the Sci-Fi Channel as part of our cable TV offerings in the area. I don't suppose this country is exactly known for science fiction appreciation in the eyes of media moguls and the like - they've limited our access to content whether in terms of dedicated cable channels and even books over the years.

I think what really gets to me is when affiliate channels like the Hallmark Channel start showing commercials and teasers for SciFi in an attempt to get subscribers to contact their local cable operators to start negotiating for package inclusion. I swear to god that as frustrating as it is, if SkyCable (my provider) decides to add the Sci-Fi Channel as part of their Platinum package offerings, I just might upgrade in order to gain access.

Geekdom can be so expensive.

I checked out the Wikipedia page for SkyCable and it seems there are no immediate plans of getting access to Sci-Fi anytime soon - although they do indicate the possibility of HD offerings by year's end. That's certainly something I'd have to see to believe.

Well, just consider this the ranting of yet another frustrated geek. Can you hear us SkyCable? We want our SciFi Channel! Please?!?!?

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