Dec 24, 2008

[Viral Video Chart] Fanmade ThunderCats Movie Trailer.

This little video has really been making the rounds as of late, and I can perfectly understand why. In case you didn't get the memo, the 80's are pretty much cool again and with the success of the Transformers movie, another projects like G-Force / Gatchaman and Astro Boy are also making their way to the big screen. So why not everyone's favorite feline-inspired superheroes, The ThunderCats?

Sure, it's just a mash-up of different movies with the ThunderCats colors superimposed on the actors. However you have to admit that it's a pretty darned good mash-up that does a great job of capturing what every fan wants to see on the big screen. Now all we need is someone to make this concept real...

#2 - Thundercats Movie trailer (fanmade)

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