Dec 19, 2008

[GeekyCast] To Podcast or Not To Podcast?

Best Geek Podcast - GeekFit - Podcast Peer Awa...Image by abstrakone via FlickrIt's been ages since I posted my last GeekyCast here on the Geeky Guide - so long, in fact, that I bet there's a large number of site readers who may not even know I once ventured into this side of things. Well, I did, and results were mixed.

I got a notification from my podcast host,, that given the length of time since my last post, my account is due to expire soon and all previous podcasts are scheduled for deletion within the month. A part of me was worried about this and wanted to rush out a quick podcast just to prevent the deletion, but then it got me thinking about the whole thing first.

So this begs the question - should I continue with the GeekyCasts at all or is this just a waste of time? Do you, the geeky readers of this site, feel that the GeekyCasts were a valuable addition to the site's content or was this just an idle diversion that took me away from the core demographic of the blog and why people bother to read the Geeky Guide at all?

Vote yea or nay in the comments section or just leave your opinion, it's fine by me.

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