Sep 1, 2008

[Geeky Guide] Two Years of Geeky Goodness

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Given everything else that has been keeping my busy day after day, it's with some irony that I almost forgot that today marks the 2nd anniversary of The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. Really, it is.

The exact date of birth for the Geeky Guide has always been a bit of an internal debate for me. While the very first post was created on this day, initially I think I was using US dates as my basis since I was blogging from the office and at the same time it was an alpha test post - one not necessarily meant for public consumption. While I didn't restrict access to the entry and you can dig all the way back to September 1, 2006 to find it, it was still part of my testing phase.

Then again, an alpha post is still an alpha post and I figure I'll stick to this being the anniversary of the Geeky Guide, as long as I do a better job of remembering it next year.

I have to thank everyone who continues to support the Geeky Guide, whether you're a silent reader or an active commenter. Because of your continuing geeky love, I've managed to post 1,041 entries to-date (including this one) and of course we now have our own domain - I've tried to keep the Geeky Guide more focused in terms of the content while at the same time returning to being a solo blog instead of a collaborative one (although I'm always open to interested bloggers wanting to help me geek out).

This may not be the biggest or most popular blog on the planet (or even in this country for that matter), but I feel we have a happy enough corner of the blogosphere and that's what matters more.

Hope you guys stick around for another year (at the very least) and in return I promise to continue to remain as geeky as possible.



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