Sep 2, 2008

[Google] Leaked Comic Heralds Google Browser

Looking at my recent entries, I realize that I haven't been writing all that much about Google. It's not that I don't love the search company, because you know I do, but more because given the large number of Google-following blogs out there, I didn't really see the need to add to the noise based on every little Google movement. I do save my efforts for the big stuff, though.

Things started with Google Blogoscoped announcing that they had received an email from Google with a 38-page comic book announcing their new open source browser, Google Chrome. Google Operating System eventually chimed in with their initial analysis.

Eventually Webware added in their own detailed analysis of Google Chrome's many promised features and by then pretty much the entire blogosphere (myself included) was really excited about this new product.

Were it not for the fact that actually had to work last night, I would have immediately drafted an entry for the Geeky Guide. Given my personal rules about not blogging from the office (although I'm okay with checking on my Google Reader feeds, hehe), I was pretty keen on getting home quickly to write about all this.

Now that the dust has settled, Google officially explained the comic and how it was a bit of a mistake but all that aside, they also announced that Tuesday marks the official launch of Google Chrome for everyone to download.

And who says people don't work on Labor Day, right?

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