Aug 24, 2008

[Opinions] Extra H's and Other Such Letters Bug Me

I'm a pretty diverse enough and open-minded fellow in most things. Sure, I have my own opinions on various matters that I choose to defend very strongly when needed. Then again, there are those things that I guess parts of me will never accept and just can't get over.

Now as much as I respect the complicated conventions and philosophies that go into naming your children but there's one thing that always seems to cross the line for me...extra letters. Top of my list are those extra H's that frequently find themselves in the middle of perfectly good names but there are other letters that try to join in the fun in names an in conventional conversation.

It's even worse when these turn out to be self-nominated names that people decide to use on internet forums, social networks and chat rooms.

I mean seriously, why do we go in adding these extra letters to names already pretty much accepted. H seems to be one of the easiest to throw in since people just assume it'll somehow be silent. However what they don't quite realize is that technically speaking, the added H can be pronounced and it makes the name theoretically more nasal / breathy.

You know what I mean right? Mark becomes Mhark or Mharck. Miguel becomes Mhiguel. Hell, can you imagine my name, Rocky, as something as horrible mangled as Rhocky? Ugh! What makes people do this? does it make the name seem somehow cuter or more interesting to them? Do they understand what it means to go through life as a Mhay or a Sahm or a Bhobby? It just seems so wrong to me and I curse parents who do this to their children.

Then there are those who change the Y's at the end of sentences to double E's like happee instead of happy or partee instead of party. Plus the local convention of turning the honoric "po" into "pow" or "poh" and all that gobbledy-gook. The list just goes on and on and on.

Thus I appeal to parents and silly teens thinking of various of their names for social networks or general internet use - please don't add extra and unnecessary letters!

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