Jul 7, 2008

[Philippines] News of Interest 07.07.08

Well, I've been going over the local news again and still we're stuck with some pretty annoying items here and there. Sometimes we get stuck in very strange places.

Pretty much everything these days are revolving around either the recent ferry disaster involving the MV Princess of the Stars or ever-rising prices for gas and other commodities.

BMI asks 1 week more for ferry disaster probe

Congress of the PhilippinesImage via WikipediaAs is typical of the Philippine government, Congress has decided to conduct their own hearings into the Sulpicio Lines ferry disaster. It's a wonder that we get any actual legislative work done with all the special hearings, blue ribbon committees and whatnot. We all know nothing will really come of it and it's just a way for them to get their names attached to the initiative for future election propaganda fodder. Ugh.

What's worse is that Congress is also ganging up on PAGASA, our weather bureau, about the Doppler radar equipment they should have had in place by now. Sometimes they forget just how stringent the bidding and selection process can be on paper but of course in the end such processes can be greased as needed.

Sulpicio asks court to stop BMI probe on ferry disaster

Of course with all this going on in terms of the post-Frank investigations, Sulpicio lines is getting pretty desperate and have already filed a lawsuit against PAGASA. Now they're trying to get a TRO on the Board of Marine Inquiry (BMI) since they're also suing them. I mean really, is this is how they plan on ending all of this? Somehow trying to finish off with guns blazing and such?

Catholic bishops seek review of oil deregulation law, EVAT

The headline alone should be enough to make you cringe - what place do priests have in terms of evaluating government policies, practices and procedures, especially when it comes to the economy and gas prices? We expect the same group that tries to manage our spriritual development be allowed to cross past their coverage, involve themselves (as always) in politics and dictate / influence economic policy? These are the same people who don't endorse birth control as a way of managing population size since it's against their beliefs.

Why can't the priests and bishops just stay in their churches and limit themselves accordingly to their core functions and responsibilities?
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