Jul 25, 2008

[Music] Jay Brannan and Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho on the red carpet at the Emmys 9/...Image via WikipediaOkay, I may not be the biggest Margaret Cho fan around, but I do appreciate her uncouth brand of humor like any other gay man - she is friendly to our kind after all, right? So when Jay Brannan got to "hook up" with her while in Los Angeles for his "Fat is a Feeling, Not a Shape" tour, the result was this very strange collaboration. Thankfully, Jay is a very active video blogger of sorts given the frequent updates he posts to his Youtube account.

Seriously, it's a song about giving head correctly. Allow me to post the lyrics for you:

"relax your necks"
a work in progress
by jay brannan & margaret cho

the sun's beating down on my back
i got me a big burlap sack
i'm smilin' cuz it's harvest time
out to the fields to get what's mine

i got your balls in my hand
i'm the queen of this fertile land
you think it's your dick but please understand
your whole package is under my command

to be adept at oral sex
you need to lose your gag reflex
if dick was poor, you could be the projects
if you relax your necks

maybe you've heard that i have class
but i'll stick my finger up your ass
let's go over what you ate
be sure there's no horses at the gate

never met a dick i couldn't milk
my esophagus is lined with silk
i'm a hooker of a different ilk
drinking every drop you ever spilt


come children gather around
to pain and suffering no longer be bound
go forth and gather dick by the pound
and bring me all the love that you found


jay brannan & margaret cho give expert advice

You know, this song just might catch on if they market it right, LOL.
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  1. I like him better in Shortbus.

  2. I dunno...I kinda like him with short hair. You know me. =D