Jul 18, 2008

[Movies] New Trailers 07.18.08

A 16 mm spring-wound Bolex H16 Reflex camera, ...Image via WikipediaWhile we're pretty much in the hone stretch of the US summer movie season and already we're ticking off the films we've seen on our lists, comparing the blockbusters to figure out which ones we liked best and remembering which movies to warn our friends about. That hardly means all those movie makers are sitting idle in Hollywood leaving them thinking that their work is done - in fact some pretty cool teaser trailers have come out just this week!

First up is the trailer for Terminator Salvation - the latest addition in this landmark franchise that helped made post-apocalyptic settings cliche and of course helped instill a general fear and respect for robots. One of the best reasons to see this movie beyond the many different kinds of robots they plan to show us, but moreso that the ever-hunky Christian Bale is taking on the mythical role of John Conner, savior of the human race. How cool is that?

#18 - NEW WORLD PREMIERE Terminator Salvation TEASER TRAILER!!!!!

Next up is the much-anticipated movie adaptation of the landmark comic book, Watchmen. While it seems almost sacrilegious to even attempt to take this stellar story to the silver screen, this trailer does give us all hope that things might actually go well.

Watchmen Trailer - in b4 copyright
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