Jul 18, 2008

[Geeky Guide] A Personal Spin

Longer-term readers of this blog may or may not have noticed a shift in writing tone here at the Geeky Guide. Whereas before my entries tried to remain as objective and almost "journalistic" in nature since I was trying to be highly impartial (or something close to that) in how I presented information and even opinions. That's well and good, but of course that doesn't really do much in terms of making this blog unique for new readers or some may even misconstrue my attempts as me trying to pass myself off as legitimate media, which of course I'm not at all qualified to do. At the end of the day I'm still a blogger, and that has certain implications in the current established order.

Thus more recently - I'm not sure precisely when I opted for this shift, perhaps around the time I got back from Los Angeles - I've started to try and shift my tone into a more personal one. As we stand on the brink of the activation of my new domain for this blog, I suppose that it's only fair to try and better define this blog's identity and perhaps better define my expected readership / audience as well.

This doesn't mean the blog is going to be any less geeky - it just means you're probably going to hear more about my life behind the scenes as I discuss things. For example, my movie reviews now almost always include the context of when I say the film, who I saw it with, etc. Also, many of my opinion entries and such try to include what I was doing at the time the idea for this post came to be, whether or not my partner was involved in the conversation, and things like that.

I promise to get around to a formal series of posts talking more about me, as an individual, so I stop being just another faceless geek with a computer and access to the internet.

That's all for now - stay geeky!



  1. I say, the more personal the blog, the better. So hurray for your decision. And congrats on the new domain! Pa-burger ka naman.

  2. @Misterhubs

    Thanks for your continued support! You know I always value your opinions a bit more than most *winks*

    Burger? Well, a follow-up meeting between us is more than overdue. =D