Jul 14, 2008

[Movies] Max Payne Trailer

Max PayneImage via WikipediaI'm not yet sure how I feel about the film translation of the popular video game, Max Payne, whose trailer recently came out. I mean let's face it, video game inspired movies have predominantly been disappointing and Max Payne always felt like one of those games that tried a bit too hard, at least from my perspective. I think it has more to do with how the game just tried to recapture what makes certain movies fun like how the "Bullet Time" effect in the game is just a video game interpretation of the special effects done in the Matrix and other such films.

I suppose I'll just leave it to you, the readers, to form your initial opinions of this movie-to-be and from there we'll all camp out until it becomes officially released.

#11 - Max Payne The Movie - trailer
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