Jan 3, 2008

[US] Huckabee and Paul Share a Bathroom

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Political Port-A-Potty
by jon|k.

As tiring as the US Presidential race has gotten over the past week, there are still more than a few interesting stories that manage to catch my attention. This one in particular just made me laugh and decide to actually Digg this one.

It seems amidst the flurry over the Iowa caucus this week, an interest drama of a smaller scale has been happening at 405 Sixth Avenue whose bottom floor currently houses the Iowa headquarters for rival candidates Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Spicy!

It seems the two Republican candidates moved into the same building last summer and set up camp there. The setup definitely has their respective campaign groups and supports encountering one another in the hallways, in the parking lot and of course the bathrooms both groups have to share in the basement as the campaigning for votes has gotten more and more intense in the weeks and very days leading up to the caucus.

This TIME Magazine article somewhat humorously documents the various run-ins between the two groups ranging from how different their respective campaign volunteers are (polite Southern women versus no-nonsense men) and even how they tend to use different building exits in order to avoid crossing paths as much as possible.

The article makes for a good read and helps us see the lighter side of all this politcal positioning in the US. While on the outside they're arguing over greater issues like the War on Terror or their respective stands on taxes, on the inside they're arguing over who keeps finishing all the paper towels. Now that's the human experience at its core.

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