Dec 11, 2007

[Viral Video Chart] Jeff Dunham- Achmed the dead terrorist

One by one our favorite TV shows have been halted in their steady progression for a forced holiday break due to the on-going WGA strike. In the meantime, we turn more and more to online shows and live performances by non-union writers, comedians and commentary folk to help pass the time.

Here's another gem of a video featuring a ventriloquist routine involving a very disturbed dead puppet...

#11 - Jeff Dunham- Achmed the dead terrorist 喜

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  1. hey rocky! how are you?

    this comment has nothing at all to do with this entry. it's just that i've been waiting for you to write about the kindle
    but so far you haven't. so I'm asking you to. I read about it on Newsweek last month, and have been sort of kind of wanting one, but not sure if it's practical to own in the philippines since we don't have amazon stores over here. Check it out and give it the Geek treatment, will you, please?