Dec 14, 2007

[Videos] Street Fighter: The Later Years

Street Fighter: The Later Years

I was killing time on the web using StumbleUpon when I started to notice more and more videos from CollegeHumor, which is a good enough site on its own really and seems to be gaining popularity.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill video hosting / sharing site (which seem to be popping up everywhere these days) that just tries to compete for your attention in exchange for ad revenue or something. One of the best things about CollegeHumor (at least in my opinion) would definitely have to be their original web series features.

One of my current favorites remains to be Street Fighter: The Later Years, which is an unusual look at what might have happened to our favorite characters from the Street Fighter universe.

Of course it helps if you've played at least one of games before in order to recognize the characters but either way it's all good, silly, geeky fun.


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