Nov 14, 2007

[StumbleUpon] Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

On an off moment, I StumbledUpon this geekily interesting page called Imagining the Tenth Dimension, which features a Flash demonstration of the first chapter of a book of the same name as written by Rob Bryanton.

The site does a pretty great job of explaining and demonstrating how to understand higher dimensions in a format that, at I feel, is largely accessibly to even non-technical audiences. It certainly makes you think. I took the time to read (and subscribe to) his blog, I have to admit I like his way of thinking. His blog is set up more like a forum for ideas and discourse where visitors are encouraged to exchange their views on higher dimensional thinking.

I know, you can't really get much geekier than this, huh? Enjoy!

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