Nov 14, 2007

[GeekyCast] Another Day, Another Bombing

Finally back to podcasting I hope, with today's new GeekyCast. I had some spare time, so I figured it would be nice to revive this particular activity.

First up is a friendly reminder to vote for the Geeky Guide as this month's G*Spot Weblog Award over at hush and listen. We still have a decent shot at the crown and voting goes on until the end of the month!

The main thing for today is yesterday's blast at the Philippine Congress, which initial reports are pegging as an assassination attempt against Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar rather than an act of general terrorism against the government as a whole. It's news but not cause for alarm (so we hope) and perhaps we can get everyone to keep going through life as normal despite it.

More GeekyCasts to come!

Download this episode (9 min)

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