Oct 6, 2007

[Viral Video Chart] Sept. 30 - Oct. 6, 2007

It's been another interesting week in the world of viral video and while I've been featuring a few videos on and off throughout the week, there are still some left unposted that have performed surprisingly well on the Viral Video Chart.

This week we have more Paris Hilton, another great SNL Digital Short, a swarm of Play-Doh bunnies and everything your mom says in a day condensed into less than 3 minutes.

#1 - Paris Hilton on Late Show w/ David Letterman 9/28/2007

#3 - "Iran So Far": SNL Mocks Mahmoud With Gay-Themed Love Song!

#4 - Sony Bravia - Play Doh Ad

#5 - William Tell Overture

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