Oct 31, 2007

[TV] Pushing Daisies - Extended Preview

I didn't realize this was on TV already considering I am so wanting to see this show! Perhaps you could say that I'm dying to see it, haha (pun sadly intended). Pushing Daisies is yet another somewhat wholesome ABC offering this time about a man who can bring dead back to life with a single touch but if he touches them again, they're dead forever. A certainly unusual power in these Heroic times, you could say.

Oh, and did I mention that Kristin Chenoweth is part of the show? Garn, I suppose I need to resort to...alternative sources for the show. The curse of living outside the US.

Pushing Daisies - Extended Preview


  1. I've downloaded the first 4 seasons and was a little disappointed with the season premiere. Too much narration going on. I'll give the second episode another chance. --- Misterhubs

  2. WHOA! You downloaded four entire seasons? You have transtemporal downloading powers! teehee

    All kidding aside, ABC shows always take a while to grow on you. Take for example Kyle XY. Slow start, but then again Kyle has such distracting, um, eyes. =P