Oct 31, 2007

[Entertainment] I ♥ John Barrowman

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John Barrowman
by jamiedecesare.

Earlier today my partner and I caught The Producers on HBO and I was surprised to see John Barrowman of Doctor Who fame singing "Springtime for Hitler" as lead tenor.

Of course it's understandable that I'd have missed him the first time around since it was only recently that I acually watched the first season of the new Doctor Who, where Jack Harkness as introduced as a character. Of course to confirm my assumptions, I decided to run a Google search or two and ended up discovering a lot more about Mr. Barrowman than I had expected.

As always the search brought me to my usual reference sites when it comes to actors - IMDb and Wikipedia and eventually his official website as well. As I was going through the information, I did in fact verify his appearance in The Producers along with a performance in De-Lovely. That lead me to actually reading up on his life, noting the fact that he's already 40 (but still looks fabulous) and how active he's been as a theater actor.

Oh, and there was that bit about him being openly gay and involved with archtect Scott Gill since 1993. And there was that item about the two of them signed a civil partnership last year to boot. He even had a shot at the role of Will in the popular show Will & Grace but didn't get it since he was "too straight" for the part. Talk about irony!

Gah! I'm such an idiot for not checking sooner. You'd think a Google geek like me would automatically check on any TV show, actor or item of interest right away but even I have limitations I guess. It all just goes to show than there's no point in not checking the web about these sorts of things sooner, hehe.

As much as I liked John Barrowman before, I love him even more now. He is officially my favorite openly gay actor to date, although I realize that there aren't too many of those that come to mind right now. Still, I'm sticking with this statement. Given his strong beliefs on what partnerships should mean and of course how he happens to be rather attractive given his age (and his partner is quite the looker too!), he's definitely pretty high up there in my book, hehe.

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