Oct 30, 2007

[Google] New Gmail Going Live

Flickr: cinefil_ - Gmail
by cinefil_.

As discussed during the Google Analyst Day and announced on the Official Gmail Blog, a new version of the perpetually in-beta Gmail is being rolled out to Google Accounts around the world.

The main focus of the update as it stands is speed thus features like prefetching messages in the current view have been added to make the experience better but largely this is more of an anticipatory update for other features to be released in the future. They've also added nice bells and whistles like aligning their email editor with Groups and Page Creator and adding in a more universal Contacts manager that will be made available across compatible Google products.

I'm eagerly waiting for my Gmail account to get upgraded if only to test the new features out, although the Gmail blog post warns that some third-party applications (i.e. Firefox extensions and Greasemonkey scripts) may stop working initially with teh new version until updates can be released.

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