Oct 8, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Your Gayness!

Your Gayness!

As previously mentioned, I'm resuming my reviews for various blogs found on the current list at Pinoy Gay Blogs this month and to kick things off we're starting with a blog with a more personal focus.

While we've all spent our fair share of time in the closet (and many remain there for now), everyone's experience remains unique to the person yet something we can all relate to given our shared sexual orientation. This week's blog feature is a reminder of that time as seen through the eyes of a young man with a somewhat complicated arrangement for things. Ladies, gentlemen and everyone who hasn't made up their minds, I give you Your Gayness!

Your Gayness! is a blog that covers the personal experiences ofIan as he continues to survive as a gay man still in the closet. His situation is rather unique given that he's technically already told his folks that he's gay - usually the penultimate definition of coming out for the Filipino gay male - and yet things didn't get any easier after that.

Your Gayness! may seem like a plain-looking Blogger blog at first glance given its general lack of images and such but the true strength of the blog is in the writing. The entire site seems to reflect that fact that Ian remains to be in the closet in terms of the rest of the world with only his family and perhaps a few random strangers knowing the truth about him. He's rather witty and his writing is better than most I've seen in a while, which says a lot about the intelligence behind this site.

He's a very involving blogger and he often responds to comments rather directly and at length, which is great. It keeps things highly personal and I'm sure even first-time readers of his site will come to appreciate that. This blog is quite Safe for Work given its general lack of images that most office supervisors might find surprising, but perhaps its the words themselves that really strike hard.

So this is us starting the month right with closeted adventures of this smart young queer who may one day find the strength to truly come out to the world - perhaps with the help of your comments and insights should you decide to visit the site.

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