Aug 1, 2007

[GeekyCast] You Can Change the World

Call me a dreamer or a pocket idealist - I care little. At the end of the day, I still think we have the ability to change things, circumstances much larger than ourselves, as long as we give it a shot. I try to go over this seemingly unrealistic theory and why I still think it can be done and why at the end of the day, it really doesn't hurt to try, right?

Now if only I can invoke my powers of change and get my neighbors to stop massacring songs using their videoke machine.

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  1. funny.. i still can't get over your podcasts. eways, it gets me to listen.

    i get the feeling of having neighbors like that... usually has them singing their hearts out on a sunday. imagine that?! a sunday!

    eway, change. hmm.. the same way that i was raised, before i do something, i'll make sure everyone gets benefited from it. if a topic needs response from a number of persons involved, id like to hear their reaction first before finally screaming my heart out of discontent.

    i agree, one needs to act to get things done and make others move. but it should be remembered that change needs patience. yun siguro yun diba? and an open mind to go with it.

    we need to be patient to see if what we are trying to say goes across...

    i liked the sand theory. reminds me of the ripples in the water. similar idea.

    so, till your next podcast. hehe...

  2. mine sing on random days whenever they have parties which degenerate into really bad drinking sessions. weekends are almost a guarantee, which makes life difficult for me since i sleep in the day.

    Dune remains one of my favorite books of all time and I tend to fall back on the various desert analogies they come up with.

    Thanks for continuing to listen to the GeekyCasts - I appreciate the time you allot for them, moreso for taking the time to comment.