Aug 8, 2007

[GeekyCast] What's on the Telly?

I didn't have time to record a GeekyCast yesterday - the weather makes it harder to get out of bed plus I end up needing to leave a bit earlier in order to beat the traffic brought on by the rains.

Today my partner and I were watching TV and I settled on trying to watch Numb3rs. It's been a challenge for me to catch an episode from the very beginning so this seemed to be a prime opportunity. I think I like the show and that got me thinking about all the other shows I like these days and the common thread between all of them. This episodes covers non-science fiction shows, if only to set a limit on the discussion, haha.

Download this episode (8 min)


  1. You want an intellectual TV show with mysteries, numbers, and other geeky stuff?

    LOST, my friend. LOST.

    It's the only prime time TV show I know which deals with predetermination, the philosophies of Davi Hume and John Locke, electromagnetism, numbers, time travel, religion, etc.

    And yes, I'm a total LOST fanboy.

  2. you are definitely more than smitten with the show, hahaha

    well, unfortunately I never really got into it. I watched the entire first season and felt they were trying too hard - they're playing with too many elements and somehow hoping that it seems mysteriously coherent when at times I find it overly drawn-out and messy.

    I wonder if they'll really make it all the way to 2010 as they've announced.

  3. Last I heard of Lost is that they only have one season left. Can't blame them. You can only do so much when you're lost. :D

  4. Try Dexter rocky. The storyline is unique albeit a bit spooky. Michael C. Hall is exceptional!

    And the 1st season only has 12 episodes. I was like a crazy man everytime I watch that show (uncontrollable yelling, rantings, coaching, etc.--you know what i mean). Hehehe =)

  5. @Will

    As far as I know, the official announcement for now is that they've plotted out the story until 2010, but of course ultimately that depends on continued fan support.


    I've never heard of that one - I'll definitely look it up, thanks!

  6. @ Will: No, they have 3 more seasons left.