Aug 7, 2007

[Comics] Why you should download Comics and how to do it

Why you should download comics:
  1. To Preserve the Sanctity of the Comic Book. To the rabid comic book fans, this is really important. Much like your Barbie, G.I. Joe or Transformers toy, the value of the comic book increases as it ages, especially if it belongs to an important series and is a first edition. To not damage your prized comic book, download one instead.
  2. To Weed the Good from the Bad. There are many comic books which are not of stellar quality. To know which ones to buy or collect, you should try to get an online copy first.
  3. Be updated. Simply curious about what is going on in the Marvel world or the DC world? Download the comics first.
  4. No Money. If you are as stingy as me, why buy when you can get it for free?
  5. Read Rare Comic Books. Everyone in the net raving about some extremely good old comic book series and you can't find one in your comic store? Don't cry, download.
  6. Read Comic Books without the Stigma of Carrying it around. Too ashamed to bring and read your new Countdown #36 at the office? This is the perfect solution: Yes, your e-Comic can be read on your laptop. You can look like you're doing something extremely important when in fact you're actually reading a comic book. Oh yeah, no one will sneer at your comic geekiness either.
Interested now? Read on to learn how to download.

How to download:
  1. The files you will be downloading will either be .cbr, .cbz or .rar. So, first get yourself a comic book reader. You can download the one I'm using, CDisplay, here. You can also read using ACDSee or other picture viewing programs, but it is much more tedious then CDisplay.
  2. Search for the comic you want. No, you can't just search for "Superman" or "Batman". You have to specify what you want. The more popular comics such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men and so on are usually grouped according to story line, so it is advisable to find out what storyline you want to download. I recommend checking out Amazon which sells these compiled graphic novels as well as comic fan sites such as BDcomics and the forums of That's Just Not Right (You have to be registered for this). Both these sites also provide links to the comics you may want to download. Alternatively, you can just Googlesearch what you're looking for.
  3. Search for the downloadable comic. If you chose a comic which is not available through BDcomics or That's Just Not Right, you can try searching through rapidsearch. Warning: the files going out in these 3 sites are sent through the popular file-sharing sites - Rapidshare, Megaupload, Gigasize, etc. So you may have to be familiar with these. Rapidshare is free, but has a limit for free downloads and makes you wait longer the more files you download. Megaupload is free, but to not be burdened by the download slot per country limitation, you'll have to download the Megaupload toolbar, which is free. There is a limit, however to the total volume you can download. The files sent here are usually 100mb and below.
  4. For more heavy duty download, look for comic torrents. If your desired comic book can't be found in those three sites, you can always look for a torrent. You can do this through isohunt and mininova. In contrast to the previous sites, you don't download per comic or per volume anymore. The torrent files are usually large (over 100 mb), and already complete. If you want to download all the issues of a certain comic series at one go, the torrent search is highly recommended.
So, what are you waiting for? Download those comics you've always wanted now.


  1. thanks. i love comicbooks!

  2. I once downloaded the whole DC Crisis Saga, from Perez's Infinite Earths to One Year later. It took almost 10Gigs of Disk Space and a whole lot of waiting, even on Cable. It was well worth the wait.

  3. @dan- thanks :)

    @will- Haha. We did the same thing on my friends computer during an overnight. Hehe. Did you download the 52 series? It added to OYL and it leads to DC's World War and Countdown (again).

  4. whoo, I am seriously behind in commenting to this post ^^

    anyway, I'm a long time collector of downloaded comic books - my BF and I call them ComicCDs for short.

    part of the reason is because we started buying these downloaded series in CD form at the HobbyPoint stall in Shoppesville Plus in Greenhills. unfortunately, the last time we were there, they were no longer selling the comicCDs. wonder if they had just been raided or something....

    anyway, comicCDs have currently been the only way by which I've read such stuff as Alan Moore's From Hell, Watchmen and LXG; Frank Miller's Sin City [incomplete] and 300; Art Spiegelman's Maus; and assorted Marvel and DC titles. we even have several Vertigo complete series: The Sandman, Lucifer, and Preacher; and we're in the process of collecting Fables now.

    email me for a catalogue, if you like, so I can contribute some selections ^^

  5. @Nine Moons - Sorry for the long rep. Hehe. I have over 80 CDs containing different collections, thats about 50+ Gigs. Yes, addict ako.

    I'm just too busy to add the download sites for Sandman,etc. I'll probably do so once summer starts hehee.