Aug 19, 2007

[Comics] An Overview of Fables and How to Download it

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Ever wonder what happened...

... to the Big Bad Wolf after he tried to eat the 3 little pigs, the 7 little kids and Red Riding Hood?

... to the evil witch after she tried to eat Hansel and Gretel?

... to Little Boy Blue after he lost his horn?

... to Bluebeard after he murdered his wives?

... to Snow White's Sister Rose Red? (Yes, there really was a faerie tale called Snow White and Rose Red)

... to Jack after he went up the beanstalk?

... to Goldilocks after the 3 bears woke her up?

... to Miss Muffet after the Spider sat down beside her?

... to Pinocchio after he became a real boy?

Created by Bill Willingham, "Fables" serves as a showcase in response to all of a child's questions concerning faerie tales yet told within a distinctly mature environment. I recommend this story most especially for those who are not children anymore, yet are just starting to read comics.

The basic premise of the story is that the Fables have escaped from their world and through a series of portals, landed on ours. In New York, they created an enclave which they call Fabletown. This serves not only as a place to serve their community but also as a continued base of operations against the "Adversary", their enemy who took over their homelands and who might attack them anytime.

Willingham shows his extensive knowledge of fairy tales in this comic series. Obscure fairy tales such as Kay with the Snow Queen's glass on his eye, Rose Red, Wayland Smith, the Lilliputians, Baba Yaga, and many others grace its issues, making the entire series a treasure trove of children's tales which are beautifully illustrated.

However, despite its fairy-tale nature, this series is not for children, at times depicting sex, nudity, cursing, bloody gore (I'm starting to sound like the MTRCB). These more mature scenes are probably the reason why Fables is published by Vertigo, DC's more mature publishing arm, instead of the more mainstream DC Comics. However, these scenes are not placed just for the effect, they have a purpose in furthering the storyline and making it mean more to the readers.

If you still don't believe me, here are the list of awards and commendations Fables has received:

"To date, Fables has won seven Eisner Awards; Best New Series in 2003, Best Serialised Story three times ("Legends In Exile" in 2003, "March of the Wooden Soldiers" in 2005 and "Homelands" in 2006) and Best Cover Artist (for James Jean) in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Prominent review site IGN has called it "the best comic book currently being produced" and says it "could surpass Neil Gaiman's Sandman as the best Vertigo series ever produced."


Maybe you need a sneak peek to convince you?

To download:

For individual issues (or those grouped by twos), file sharing is the way to go, however, be warned that for free users, there is a maximum number of downloads per day. Click here for the link.

For torrent files, the most complete torrent I could find only contains issues 1-57. Click here for that.

Now, to maximize both, first download the torrent, then download the shared files which are not part of the torrent.

Also, be sure to download 1001 nights of Snowfall, it is a prelude to Fables as well as Jack of Fables, a spin-off series featuring Jack Horner.

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