Aug 20, 2007

[Personal] The August Birthday Entries - Set Two

Here is the next installment of my Birthday entries documenting various aspects of my childhood. The topics tend to jump from here to there and it's really hard to put a complete theme on things apart from all of these entries being related to my past.

For the last leg of this series, I am going to put a conscious effort into exploring my sexuality and how I came to be the proud gay man that I am today, along with other experiences that are bound to come to mind.

10) 00500: Animal Lover
11) 00501: Day Eleven - Precocious
12) 00502: Day Twelve - Older Friends
13) 00503: Day Thirteen - Coffee
14) 00504: Day Fourteen - Comic Books
15) 00505: Day Fifteen - Transformers
16) 00506: Day Sixteen - Athletics
17) 00507: Day Seventeen - Chores
18) 00508: Day Eighteen

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