Jul 10, 2007

[Videos] Walk It Out Parodies

Until recently, I had no idea who "Unk" was. Now, at least I know he's the artist behind the song "Walk It Out" as seen below:

Who would have imagined that this one song when applied to other videos would strangely match and even work? It reminds me of that weird animated GIF with Spider-Man, Mazinger Z, a genie and a ballerina dancing that also applied to so many different songs.

Just talk a look at who else has Walked It Out...

The penguins from "Happy Feet"

The Teletubbies

And in response to that video...

#4 - Walk It Out, Fosse

The last one seems to have achieved the greatest notoriety (currently Number 4 on the Viral Video Chart) after appearing on PerezHilton. My poor Bob Fosse! Don't worry, I still adore your works! Hahaha!