Jul 10, 2007

[GeekyCast] Writing Plans and Other Things

I'm feeling somewhat better now - I think the worst is past. I'm pretty sure my fever broke sometime in the night since I woke up drenched in sweat and not so feverish.

Anyway, in today's GeekyCast I talked about my mom's talk at the big CCAP Conference which I was able to attend despite my illness. She was great!

Apart from that, I also discussed the limited results of the Writing Poll I ran in the previous GeekyCast and how those results have affected my writing plans. Don't worry, I'm not giving up just yet!

And of course, don't forget tomorrow is Harry Potter Day here in the Philippines and this will definitely add magic to the on-going events at the New Worlds: Transformed convention at the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell, Makati. The fun has barely begun and the celebrations will continue on until July 15, so don't miss your catch to visit the convention!

Umbrellas out! It's raining!

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  1. Everyone who calls himself gay should know the legendary Bob Fosse. It's just part of being gay.

    Was that the theme of America's Next Top Model I heard playing at the background while you're recording the podcast?

    Umm, what else. Oh, here's an idea for your writing thing. How about a geeky horror story?

    The GeekyCast Fanclub President

  2. ooh, keen ears, although technically it was my friend Jayson watching the finale of Philippine's Next Top Model, but close enough.

    thanks for sharing ideas - this one seems a bit more workable than the last one, hehe.

    what would i do without my fan club?