Jul 28, 2007

[Personal] To Those Who Love Me...

This is a Tri-Blog entry that will appear on all three of my blogs - The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything, Beyond Dinobot Island and Moonbase 8.

30 days notice is pretty much standard for many things - it's the amount of time we need to allot before we leave a company. It can also be the leeway you need before terminating a subscription or service you might have. This standard figure for a month is a pretty good measure for many things.

Today is July 28, 2007 and I'm giving my 30 days notice to all of you who love me, who might just be mildly fond of me and perhaps to those who just stumbled on one of my blogs for all the reasons. Notice for what?

Well in roughly 30 day it's going to be my 25th birthday. HA! Not quite you were expecting, eh? I'm a generally nice guy with simple joys in life - the love of my partner, the joy my cats Smoke and Mist bring me, more books for my collection - this list goes on. I rarely ask anything of all of you, right? So let me take a shot at being a wee bit more selfish this time around and let me try suggesting possible gifts for you to give me (should you even be considering this notion at all). I don't want loads of presents - there are difficult times after all.

So if I were to receive just one (or three) presents his year, it would be cool if my friends put a group effort into trying to get me any of the following:

LarkinVain - 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime holding WST MegatronThe 20th Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime - you know I'm a major Transformers fan - perhaps one of the biggest ones you might possibly know, right? So naturally a Transformers is going to make an appearance on his wish list and who better than the great Optimus Prime himself, right? The 20th Anniversary Edition of this cult icon is wicked cool with amazing detail and flexibility and the ability to open his chest to insert / remove a miniature replica of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! I know, it's a bit of a trick to find in the Metro these days, but then you still have 30 days, right?

The Complete Far Side CollectionThe Complete Far Side Collection (or alternatively The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection) - I am a major Gary Larson Fan and it killed me that he stopped drawing The Far Side some years ago. I used to have a fair number of his galleries and collections which I was forced to leave behind when I moved out. Sadly, they were eaten by termites while I was away and I was no longer able to retrieve them upon my return. When I saw the complete collection come out I wanted to cry - it was the perfect answer in terms of replacing what had been lost. I keep telling myself that I'll get it for myself on one of my birthdays but of course I'm such a cheapskate so it kills me to consider getting it for myself. So allow me to pass on the guilt to you, my dear friends.

kickerclub - My treo's iPhone themeA Smart Phone (take your pick) - My old Nokia 6020 has served me well so far. It meets the basic needs of of having a device that can call and can send messages via SMS. Then again, there is that little problem of it not being able to produce any sounds from time to time and the vibration function pretty much sucks. I'm a cheapskate training manager with a bum phone. It would be cool if I finally get to upgrade to something more robust like a fully-featured smart phone (not necessarily an iPhone since it still too early to get it) which would totally earn me more geek points, haha.

felixtriller - DVDsOriginal DVDs of Great Movies - I'm a big movie buff - worse is that I'm a campy one too. How gay is that? I'm always looking for more DVDs to add to my collection especially copies of great foreign films (like Run, Lola, Run) and classic broadway musicals (like a copy of Thoroughly Modern Millie - which I cannot find!). Sure, any good movie geek has loads of copies of these movies whether off the internet or from, well, alternative sources available in local swap meets everywhere. Still, there's nothing like the real thing.

Otherwise, those are the big ticket items for now. It's not about quantity my dear friends - it's all about the quality of the gifts you give. LOL

Photos linked from the photostreams of LinkedVarkin, kickerclub, felixtriller

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