Jul 30, 2007

[Movies] The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons MovieThe Simpsons remains to be the longest-running animated sitcom and is pretty much in the running for longest running sitcom PERIOD. Given they've been on the air so long it seems a bit late to consider getting into the whole movie business. Fears center around the creators running out of ideas or not being able to make that transition from the small screen to the silver screen. It's happened before with very diverse results.

And yet surprisingly they pulled it off and came up with a film that was uniquely Simpson-ish while still taking advantage of the fact this was in fact a movie. You'll see what I mean as we go through the review.

The Simpsons Movie's greatest strength is focusing on what made the series so popular - the amazing combination of having such a rich assortment of characters while generously littering the film with sight gags and witty one-lines left and right. Even better, the creators decided to break the fourth wall here and there, making the viewers remember over and over that this was in fact a movie and not a TV show and that made a world of difference.

The story was fairly more complex than your standard episode and they certainly pushed the envelope to get at least a PG-13 rating given the presence of (1) full frontal nudity, (2) wanton violence and (3) dirty fingers here and there, haha. But since it's all animated, everything certainly takes on a somewhat lighter tone.

Most memorable moments of the film have been captured in the various trailers but it's another experience entirely to see everything together in the context of the story. My personal favorite would have to be Homer singing "Spider-Pig" - something which is bound to be turned into ring tones and message alerts across the mobile phone world.

The movie had me laughing almost the entire time - perhaps it was that funny or perhaps the Simpsons just tickles my particular sense of humor remarkably well. Either way, I'm sure you'll all going to enjoy this movie for more than just a good laugh and see exactly why this nuclear family has managed to survive on the air this long.


  1. This movie had me laughing from opening to closing credits. I love it. I hope we get another Simpsons movie soon. :-)

  2. and oh thanks for the virtual hug. here's my reciprocal hug: (hug) :-)

  3. I know exactly how you felt - this was one of those movies that truly made me understand the term "belly-aching laughter"

    Can you say "sequel"? LOL

    Glad you received the hug - not sure how many people actually read everyone else's Twitters

  4. The Simpsons Movie made me laugh. Check out my review at
    Cold Leftovers, if you like…

  5. glad you enjoyed it Cold Leftovers, and kudos on your shameless plug, haha

  6. Chalk one for another movie in my backlog. Geesh, I still have to see all the movies that were shown this summer, HP5, and now this.


  7. don't worry Arbet, you'll catch up.

    if anything, you might want to see this one first - i think you could use a good laugh.

  8. still havent watched the movie..

    i'm blaming the SLOTH. =) hehe. advanced happy birthday rocky!! kisses =)

  9. don't worry ruff, you'll see it soon enough, haha.

    thanks for the über advanced greeting, hehe