Jul 13, 2007

[GeekyCast] Friday the 13th is a Good Day

I've never really had "unlucky" things happen to me on Fridays that also happen to be the 13th of the month. Since today is also Embrace Your Geekness Day, why shouldn't I be happy, right? It's a great day to be a geek!

My thanks to all those who have been taking the time to read my still-developing story. I mention your names in today's GeekyCast, hehe. Also, I talk more about some of the tweaks and changes I've been making to the Geeky Guide, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what I've done so far.

It's a good day to be Geeky - celebrate your inner geek!

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  1. Hahaha. I love this day. And yup, I think you can call me a medical geek. Eeeek. (if there's a thing such as that)

    So far my day going pretty well too (just like yours) and yup i think its also a manner of perspective. =)

    Happy Embrace your geekness day!

  2. I'm lucky today; the only geeky person I have to be nice to is you; otherwise, I'll be sleeping all day & then go to work, & since I'm the only one there......anyway,
    although I went through an intense five years of reading nothing but science fiction, that phase is done & over with; there's really only one area where I could be considered a geek, & I'm just not sure it qualifies me to be as geeklicious as you. Have a happy Friday the thirteenth, embrace your geekness day.

  3. @Ruff: glad your day is going well! no problem in being a medical geek - as long as you have a topic of extreme interest that you pour your heart into, then that can be your geekdom!

    @pat: geeklicious? hahaha, i like that term - it makes geekiness seem sexy too, haha. you don't need to be scientific to be geeky - your knowledge of queer theory is geeky enough as it is. cheers!