Jul 13, 2007

[Google] New Blogger Features

Some time back Google launched Blogger in Draft, a sort of beta-testing sandbox for Blogger's newest features.

Yes, we are thankful that there are new features coming out for Blogger, hehe.

Previously Blogger in Draft had released video uploads, polls and enclosure links with enclosure links being the only one to "graduate" out of drafts.

Today a new feature, the search box, was introduced both on the Blogger in Draft blog and on the Official Google Blog.

It seems pretty cool since you can have the search box in your side bar and it'll load the results in the main column without disrupting things too much. I've seen this run on the Blogger in Draft blog but I've yet to get it to work here on the Geeky Guide. So far, all I'm getting from the widget is a "Loading..." message. I've tried limiting my settings to search just the Geeky Guide but it doesn't seem to be working well. Let me know if the new search feature is loading when you visit the Geeky Guide - it should appear in the upper right corner, right at the very top of the sidebar.

To compare results, I've also created a Google Custom Search Engine which is called the Geeky Search and this should appear at the very bottom of my blog posts.

Let me know what you think of these two features and if they're integrating well into the Geeky Guide.

As a last note, Blogger now also allows you to easily redirect your users to a different site feed of your choice, like for example your FeedBurner feed? What? You forgot that Google bought FeedBurner? Well they did.

For readers of the Geeky Guide who may have subscribed to the site's feed before I signed up for FeedBurner, you won't experience any changes on your end. Instead, you will not be integrated into the FeedBurner version of my feed, which will give me a better picture of how many users are actually subscribed.

Ain't change wonderful?

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