Jul 6, 2007

[GeekyCast] About Relationships

My thanks again for all the comments you've left in celebration of our sixth anniversary together as a couple. Going over all your comments certainly got me thinking today and so I recorded this GeekyCast about my thoughts on relationships (gay or otherwise) and why I think we've lasted 6 years and everyone should be able to do the same.

A little advisory too - this is the last GeekyCast for the week of July 1 - 7, 2007 since I'll be going home to my folks. My sister is home from Singapore just for the weekend and it's a sure bet that when my sister comes home, I go home to the parents as well. I love her to bits, after all. I'll try to update again by Sunday night / early Monday morning.

If you think I should record a "make-up" GeekyCast for Saturday and any other days I might miss, do let me know and be sure to suggest a topic you'd like me to discuss. If a really good idea comes along, I just might record multiple podcasts come Sunday night / Monday morning.

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Download this episode (16 min)


  1. I didn't believe in predestination too before. That is, until I met my hubby. We are fated to be together, forever.

    Nice podcast as always :-)

  2. to each their own after all, hehe. what's important is that you believe you can be happy with someone else.

    my thanks for the compliment. =D

  3. thanks for the visit rocky! =)

    i have resigned to reading books ever since i bought a Cien años de soledad and got lost after page 56 (when i was still in college). good thing my lit professor forced me to read Mary Austin's Cactus Thorn for additional credits. the urge then got lost when i got a B+ on my report on Kipling's Kim.

    i have a love-hate relationships with books (novels) you know. but i guess the "hate" thing predominate. =(

    other than movies and tv shows, medical cases and patient's lives are my other influences. =)

    by the way, i have downloaded your podcast about the roku. sweet and inspiring (as always). once again, congratulations rocky and brian and hope to see you soon. =)

  4. Roku is an English appromixation for the term "six" since last year I did funf, which is 5 in German, hehe. just wanted to make that clear in case you might be thinking its a pet term i have for him.

    would love to meet you in person someday, perhaps before your medical live overwhelms you once more.