Jul 7, 2007

[Apple] After the Hype

Technically speaking, this is my first iPhone post after the official launch of the device in the US. I've been trying to avoid jumping on the bandwagon and instead have been waiting and trying to evaluate how the device is really doing. I didn't want to factor in the challenges (or the lack thereof) in terms of getting a device and not even all the activation delays experienced by many users because of complications on AT&T's end. Let's just focus on the iPhone itself.

Arbet has written about the launch concerns and some security concerns, so feel free to check out those posts as well. Meanwhile, I've been combing CNET for more information.

For the most part, people agree is a great device. Great to look at, rather robust in functions and the like. There's still a bit of a learning curve with all the touchscreen stuff like the keyboard. Of course there are those with AT&T, but those concerns will never go completely away.

Beyond the desire to break it open and see how the darned thing works, the $500-$600 price tag is still pretty hefty. There is a lot of talk around waiting for the price to go down since historically Apple products like the iPod have a tendency to go down dramatically in price while further increasing the feature-set. Can anyone say 3G?

Bug reports have been minimal this early in the game, although there's an interesting CNET blog post about Hooters girls being capable of crashing the iPhone. If you're still feeling very anti-AT&T, perhaps you should follow the news about the hacking efforts from groups determined to "liberate" the iPhone.

My stand for now - there's no rush to buy this first generation iPhone. Wait it out people! Sure it's gorgeous and a really fun toy to play with but if you're patient, there's bound to be an even better device that has more features, is more stable and hopefully with a lower price tag. Sweet.

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