Jul 4, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Disclosure

I think I have explained the reasons why I have four blogs and contributes for another, but another, more lengthy explanation is called for.

I began blogging at EasyJournal, and then I migrated to Blurty. Blurty limits you to ten friends only, which was sad. Then a friend invited me to LiveJournalt, which was then exclusive: before you can create your blog, you need to be invited by a member, and a member can only invite one. I made a blog at Tabulas when LJ experience a several-day outage; like the previous blogs, it is dead.

In 2005, I had decided to get my own domain, and thus AWBHoldings.com was born. This domain then hosted Blog@AWBHoldings.com, a blog that hosted my political and technical posts. The LiveJournal blog, The Lonely Vampire Chronicles, mirrored the contents of the said blog, plus it contained personal posts that are locked for LJ friends.

In 2006, I joined the Geeky Guide to help out Rocky and at the same time increase exposure to my domain. At the same time, I had decided to split my blog according to interest. Blog@AWBHoldings.com remains the repository of politically and socially-oriented posts, while TechWatch@AWBHoldings.com contains totally tech-related posts (some of which are mirrored at the Geeky Guide).

And to give a human face to AWBHoldings.com, I had decided to re-launch The Lonely Vampire Chronicles (shortly after iBlog3). Here I post personal entries that I feel is safe for general reading. As they say, there are unbloggable things, and for those, I blog at LiveJournal.

So there. Hopefully this gives you a clear picture of who I am.

(And yes, I also have a mirror at Multiply. =P )


  1. thanks for the add rocky. ive linked you up too.

    (i think my link was broken, er, kindly check the 3f's [rufffles.blogspot]. thanks)

  2. Hey Arbet, thank you so much for sharing! I hope this marks the beginning of more original content for the Geeky Guide coming from you, time permitting of course. =D

    @Ruff: sorry - didn't notice that last f. Allow me to correc this post-haste, hehe.

  3. Actually, I was thinking of ditching TechWatch, and all of my tech posts will be exclusive here.

  4. Really? Wow, that would be quite the compliment! Think about that before you do it - I think your TechWatch articles generate a lot of traffic.