Jun 28, 2007

[GeekyCast] And Now the News...

The second GeekyCast didn't go quite as well as the first one and I've learned a few lessons because of that.

Yes, I promise, NO MORE PARIS HILTON! Hahaha!

This episode is a bit longer than the previous ones and that may become the growing trend as I become more and more comfortable with podcasting. Today we tackle a number of major news items for geeks around the world namely:
  1. The new Transformers movie, which premieres today in the Philippines
  2. Recent updates to The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything
  3. The New Worlds: Transformed event in July
  4. The special CNN feature about LGBT Rights
  5. And the Apple iPhone

And of course the GeekyCast is littered with random tidbits and geekisms about myself that you may or may not really care about, but they're going to be there no matter what you do.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions and possibly requests as a comment here on the blog. Come on, don't be a stranger now...


Download this episode (16 min)


  1. cool podcast! :D I don't usually listen to podcasts coz of the download time, but it was worth it.

    A lot of people are plugging the NWA, and I'm really curious about it. Hehe, so Im prolly gonna check it out. Hehe. The inner HP/LOTR/WOT/10 dozen other fantasy world- fan in me will prolly go bonkers. :D

  2. Hi Q,

    Thanks for the feedback - pardon the audio concerns. I think I need to complain to MyPodcast.com about the software they provided for recordings...

    The NWA is a great group of, well, other groups. Find your fandom and enjoy! When you have the time, try visiting Fandom Cafe as well in the Cubao area. Maps can be found on the NWA site if I'm not mistaken.

  3. Hehehe. I'm a member of the yahoogroups ng WOT and Council of Arkadia, although di ako nagsasalita dun. Grabe nga promotions nila eh.

  4. I tend to be more active with the Star Trek group but remain a member of Sci-Fi Philippines, Star Wars Philippines and one of the Transformers groups, hehe