Jun 28, 2007

[Pink News] CNN on LGBT Rights

CNN: Uncovering America

While reading a CNN report about a recent poll that shows that majority of Americans surveyed now believe that sexual orientation cannot be changed, I was surprised by what CNN had done. 515 respondents accounted for 56% of respondents surveyed - a first in similar polls run by CNN partnered with various media groups.

But that's not the surprising part.

The results of the poll, while not yet overwhelming, certainly warms my heart at a time like this. What really struck me was the fact that CNN was already running a special report called Uncovering America: Fighting for Acceptance, a page dedicated to LGBT-related news in terms of our fight for civil rights, equality and sometimes just mere recognition and acceptance as human beings. The page is a wonderful resource for current news regarding major LGBT issues like gay adoption, gay marriage and so on and so forth.

The poll results were just a single report amongst many, which help bring to light how much awareness there truly is about LGBT issues such that it has become a popular pet project for many candidates and presidential-hopefuls to adopt, whether they're for or against it.

I certainly urge readers of the Geeky Guide to visit the site, become aware and share your thoughts on these issues. Discussion is often the first forum for generating awareness and eventually understanding. This is the only way we'll truly gain acceptance and respect in this world and I applaud CNN for investing the time and resources by creating this special report site.

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