May 1, 2007

[Microsoft] Microsoft Introduces Silverlight, Plans to PWN Flash

The de-facto standard for Web animation and interactive Web is Adobe Flash. That may change, though.

On April 16, Microsoft has unveiled Silverlight, its answer to Flash, at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.

On its way to world domination, Microsoft has upped the ante when it has announced at Mix 07 the Silverlight extensibility by adding support to .Net and dynamic scripting languages.

Aside from allowing .Net developers to create applications for Silverlight, Microsoft has developed a Dynamic Language Runtime to support creation of .Net applications using scripting languages.

These languages include IronRuby, the .Net flavor of Ruby, and IronPython for Python.

Anyway, what does this extensibility means? Microsoft intends to conquer interactive Web beyond Windows. When will Microsoft say "All your interactive Web are belong to us?"

NOTE: In the Microsoft Silverlight page, you need to install Silverlight first before you can view the main animation. Here's another site for Silverlight.

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