Apr 30, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Queer Chef

Queer Chef

It's been a while since I've had time to do another review for Pinoy Gay Blogs given the recent death of my father, so my apologies go out to all those who look forward to reading this reviews or getting featured. The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything resumes regular updating starting today so things should more or less be back to normal.

Enough of that, let's learn more about The Queer Chef...

The Queer Chef is the combination of two blogs managed by Chase, a Filipino film student currently in Bergen Norway. Based on his profile page, he's not exactly a chef but aspires to be one and based on some of his recipes and food discussions, it seems he's not that far away from becoming one if he really wanted to.

The blog is powered by WordPress and is hosted on his own domain given he is a webdesigner by trade. It's a fairly clean blog without too much excessive trappings and is a rather intellectual read as well. For the most part the blog is fairly Safe For Work although a stray image here or there may be somewhat questionable depending on your work environment. Then again, there's the big masthead of the blog that advertises it's a queer one and that alone might not sit well with your management - reading via RSS reader might be the best course of action since it eliminates that problem.

It's not just a food blog - although expect to see some pretty interesting dishes here and there. Given his limited time for updates, Chase opted to include his more personal entries amongst the mix so it pays to read his blog consistently. I've barely begun to explore a significant enough amount of his entries to be truly satisfied and I doubt I'll be stopping anytime soon. The coverage of this blog is pretty diverse so expect to say anything from YouTube videos of Norwegian artists or book and blog reviews that might catch your fancy.


  1. Thank you very much for the lovely review!

  2. glad you enjoyed it! the credit goes to you for putting together a good blog. =D

  3. Nice to see you back, rocky. :)