Apr 14, 2007

[TV] Little Britain

Little BritainOn a channel surfing session this Saturday night, I came across this British comedy show Little Britain, which turned out to be pretty funny. I'm glad I came across it when I did.

The show reminds me a lot of Monty Python, of which I'm a big fan although perhaps not as off-the-wall funny. It also features a variety of sketches and interesting fictional personalities all tied together by a narrator who sort of walks us through the quirks of the British Empire, haha.

Apparently the show started as a radio show and was fairly successful. It later moved on to become a limited TV show although it's not too clear to me if it's on-going today. I do hope it does continue, I just discovered it now and I want to make the most of it.

The humor might not be for everyone since British humor does tend to be a bit odd and more intellectual than some others. It also can get very gross and disturbing, but it's all done in good taste, for the most part. Just trust me, it might be work the view.

Little Britain now shows on Star World (SkyCable channel 48) on Saturday nights at 11:00pm and 11:30pm (GMT +08:00), which means that's two episodes really.

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