Apr 10, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Misterhubs

UPDATE: JUNE 6, 2011: I've noticed a recent spike in site traffic for this particular review, which is interesting. I suppose it has to do with the fact that Misterhubs has been pretty inactive on the blogging front as of late, but he's a very busy, happy gay man these days. If you really continue to crave his particular brand of wit, you can try following his Twitter feed, which he continues to update quite religiously.

UPDATE: JUNE 22, 2011: Good news! Misterhubs has returned to the blogosphere at a new location! If you've missed his David Sedaris style wit and humor, then go check out Exhibit I.


I've been going over my site reports and I'm happy to note how many people have taken the time to read these reviews and even go as far as linking The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything to their respective blogs - much appreciated. Now if only the silent visitors would speak up and share their thoughts, eh?

Today I'm reviewing Misterhubs, a smart and entertaining blog maintained by "A 28 year old Pinoy Legal Urbanite in Makati" as based on the blog's profile blurb. Misterhubs is a pretty good writer and you'll be surprised at the diversity of his blog - then again, he is involved in the legal profession, so some skill with words can potentially be expected right?

Misterhubs LinksLet's get technical first. Misterhubs as a blog is fairly new - started back in February of this year - and while I'm not too keen on reviewing "new" blogs, he has been posting very frequently, which says a lot about his dedication to this particular "cause" despite the demands of his working life. It's hosted on the Blogger platform so it should be viewable for most although some contextual filters used in the workplace might block the images even if they're hosted on Blogger. Oh, and he mistyped the name of this blog - ouch!

Depending on when you encounter his blog, I'd tag the blog as NSFW since he does a lot of eye candy posts similar to Manila Gay Guy, so ALT+TAB skills are essential should you decide to view this from a work station. On the other hand, there are some interesting gyms amongst all the flesh in the form of more personal entries about his day-to-day musings and experiences along with commentaries on popular items like the on-going season of American Idol.

It's definitely worth the time and effort to visit his site regularly and see how things progress. It loads fairly well with limited latency and of course at the end of the day, it's a pretty good read.


  1. Hey, just want to thank you for the review. I really appreciate it. :-)

    I've already corrected the spelling error you pointed out. Sorry about that. As a closet geek, I enjoy checking out your blog as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. the term "closet geek" has so much potential, haha

    i have been tracking your movements on my blog, so it seemed inevitable i'd visit your site in turn. i'm serious when i wrote it's a good read - kudos to you. =D

  3. The name Mister Hubs kinda remind me of Mr. Hobbes, Cedric Errol's grocer friend.

    Guess the novel and the author nya ha ha! Knowing the geek that you are, I know you know the answer ha ha ha!

  4. Close. You haven't named the author yet. =P

  5. duh, that goes without saying - Frances Burnett