Apr 10, 2007

[Geeky Guide] All Clear!

Blogger Help email

The Geeky Guide has been cleared of all "potential spam blog" charges! Hooray!

Frankly, I'm surprised at how fast they got around to reviewing the site. While we're all aware how typical Google customer support is like outside of the purview of the premiere edition of Google Apps - next to nothing beyond automated responses and heavy reliance on Google Groups. Add in the fact that I sent my review request on a Sunday and one has to be impressed that the site was reviewed within 24 hours.

I guess this may indicate just how many resources they have dedicated to this anti-splog initiative, or it means just how few people are actually taking the time to send feedback that their blogs are not splogs.

Go figure.


  1. interesting article, although part of the sucess of Wordpress's philosophy is avoiding AdSense, which somewhat goes counter to Google's current practices.

    I wonder if Google will come up with a better alternative in the future...

  2. Here's an interesting article regarding Blogger:

  3. hey misterhubs,

    thanks for the link - it was an entertaining read.

    when i started the geeky guide, it was just meant as a way for my to experiment with Blogger beta since I'm just a Google junkie. then things just sort of took off, haha

  4. If only Blogger is as extensible as Wordpress. Blogger needs a Spam Karma like app.

  5. well, comment spam for blogger is a bit tricky. i had to enable these day visual human tests just to screen out the worst of them