Apr 1, 2007

[Movies] Pulp Fiction

Pulp FictionTwo small-time bandits decide to rob a diner. Two hit men are sent to retrieve a mysterious briefcase. A mobster's wife has a night on the town with her husband's enforcer. An aging prizefighter decides not to "take a dive" after being paid by the mob to do so. Four stories. One movie.

I've always wanted to watch Pulp Fiction, but when it first came out I was technically too young to see in in the theater and my folks weren't about to rent it for me either. About a dozen years later, I finally get to see it and wait has been more than worth it.

The movie, while somewhat shocking with the excessive profanity and violence is an amazing piece of storytelling. Multiple points-of-view in terms of one larger story isn't a new concept but it is one that is difficult to pull off. Despite those concerns, Quentin Tarantino excuted this film flawlessly despite the dynamism of the multiple stories and the fact that they're not even in chronological orders.

You see all the usual recurring elements in Tarantino's film like the older music, the use of samurai swords and, well, the swearing. There are others, but these are the thing that most strike me.

Overall, it remains an amazing movie and a definite must-see for any serious movie-goer. Leave your nausea at the door.

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