Mar 23, 2007

[Web] Time Magazine Website Features

In case you haven't already noticed, I tend to favor TIME Magazine as a reference in a lot of my postings here on the Geeky Guide, and can you blame me? Their analysis pieces and columns are pretty top notch and they're pretty accurate in capturing the essence of the story in a pinch. It probably also helps that I have the TIME Magazine Top Stories module on my Google Personalized Homepage. Go figure.

I wanted to bring everyone's attention to a few features that caught my eye and the random article that just blew me away.

First up is the Four Years in Iraq photo essay of sorts, which is an interesting look at the Iraq war month after month using various images highlighting critical events starting from 2003 all the way to today. It's not just photos but quotes and news bits as well so you can remember everything that has happened between then and now. On a related note, there's also a striking photo essay entitled War of Shadows by Yuri Kozyrev has some amazing pictures of the war. They're all interlinked as part of one major multimedia look at the Iraq conflict, pretty much launched in time for the war's anniversary this month.

For you more entertainment-inclined folk, there's the on-going Judging American Idol feature as updated by resident TIME blogger James Poniewozik. He normally acts as time's TV and media critic and his on-going discussion of the popular singing contest has been developed into a full feature. He's pretty spot on in terms of estimates - he managed to accurately predict Stephanie's departure at least.

Other interesting pieces include Why the Buffalo Roam, which is a look at why the US Bison population is growing because people have started to eat them. Talk about irony! One last piece of interest is Limousine Liberal Hypocrisy is a run-down on why celebrities and public figures aren't really as "green" as they're claiming to be.

TIME Magazine has a lot of great reads - you might find something that strikes your fancy should you give it a shot.

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