Mar 14, 2007

[Microsoft] Pirate Us, Please

When I was still teaching, I remarked to my boss (the school director), "How come people get to be idiots when they are promoted to boss positions?" Nope, I was not pertaining to my boss, who is one of the brilliant persons I know. It's just that in the school system where I taught, I encountered a lot of people who were great when they were peons, but became idiots when they were promoted. Eaten by the system, I guess.

So imagine when I had read this headline:

"If You're Going To Steal Software, Steal From Us: Microsoft Exec"

Shiver me timbers!

Apparently, this is a marketing strategy to expose individuals to MS products and lead them to buy originals. Makes sense. A bit.

But, add the MS Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool, and it really makes sense. You know, "pirate us and we'll know, so settle or else." That nifty spyware will bring lots of cash for MS so it is OK for them to "encourage" piracy. Neat.

Wait. WGA is spyware? Just peruse this Google search and judge for yourself.

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